EAT more Green Leafy Vegetables

Most of us are not very big fans when it comes to green leafy vegetables. However, we must know the amazing benefits of these wonderful green vegetables and should make them an essential part of our diet. Nutritionists all across the world advise the people to consume these nutrient-rich vegetables regularly if they want to live a healthy life. Besides providing us with a lot of energy, these green leafy vegetables are also important in keeping us away from fatal diseases as well as can cure them to some extent too. 

Here are some of the exceptional health benefits of consuming green leafy vegetables on a regular basis.

  1. Maintain the eye sight: Weak eye sight should be taken very seriously if you do not want more damage. Although green vegetables cannot bring your lost sight back, their consumption can stop the eye sight from damaging further. These leafy greens are rich in potassium that makes the eye tissue stronger and prevents various eye diseases.
  2. Good for your hair and Scalp: Green leafy vegetables are full of magnesium and minerals. These elements promote hair growth and keep the hair shiny and healthy. Moreover, consumption of greens can significantly resist the viral and bacterial infection on you scalp.
  3. Improving the Digestion: Minerals, potassium, and magnesium in green vegetables regulate the digestion along with curing various digestive system related diseases too.
  4. Reduce Blood Cholesterol Levels: Nutrients in green vegetables dissolve the excessive cholesterol along with preventing its clogging in vessels and arteries.
  5. Help in Reducing Weight: These fiber rich and low-calorie vegetables help a lot in fighting obesity and shedding extra kilos too.

Despite all the benefits, there are some rare conditions like kidney stones, etc. in which consuming these leafy greens can be fatal and therefore should be prevented.

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