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  • Commonly mistaken as a vegetable, the tomoatoe is a fruit. Originating from South and Central America, it is often grown on a vine. Requires very little maintenance but the right conditions to grow and prosper. It often begins as a green color but then rippens to a bright shiny red, similar to that of a cherry. It has a firm exterior with a juicy interior. It is a very versatile fruit as it can be manipulated in the kitchen to be eaten either hot or cold, alone or in a dish. The tomatoe is also a popular ingredient to many fan favorites like the ketchup and the main ingredient to foodie faves - pizza and pasta.

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Having tomatoes as part of your diet means improving your vision and digestive health. They are also known to manage diabetes while preventing urinary tract infections. Whether its in juice form or part of your salad, tomatoes are also a great way to reducing chronic pain and promoting sleep.