About Us

We're on a mission to deliver unquestionable quality, first and foremost.

The convenience is a bonus.

DoorstepFarm  is not just a delivery service.  We are your personal buyers.  

When our founder, Haseeb,  returned to the “homeland” after forty years -  he was looking forward to fresh fruits and vegetables he recalled from his childhood.  After several frustrating months, the idea was born:

        Source direct. Deliver direct.  Save the community time and money. Enjoy quality produce.

No big crazy sales pitches.  Just keep it simple -  Leave the chukh chuck to us.  

We fight for your right to quality fresh produce.  We will select the finest available, negotiate, wash, recheck the quality and  deliver it to your front door at a competitive price.  So relax – place your order from the comfort of your house (or car, office or any other place) and forget about it.  Your order is in safe hands. 

You will have the freshest products available, often at prices that will surprise you. Why buy from the stores, when you can buy direct !

Always be assure we have a no questions asked replacement/return policy.  No excuses, ever.